Welcome to Wrapping Services

Wrapping.services offers you the solution to bring your blockchain project to decentral finance exchanges.

What we do

We build a smart contract with tokens that represents your coin one-on-one.

We host a trustee wallet of your coin, only tokens are issued for coins in that wallet.

At wrapping.services we create a point where anyone can swap your coins to tokens and tokens back to coins.

What are the benefits


When you are able to use DeFi markets, you don't need the central exchanges any longer.


For each token issued there is a coin in the wallet of the trust wrapping.service.

Simple, fast & secure

The swapping process is very simple, fast and most importantly secure.


Below you can see an example of a COIN -> wCOIN swap.

Coins available for swapping

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a wrapped token for my coin that has its own blockchain?

Wrapped tokens can be used on decentralized exchanges. And once you have a wrapped token you can trade them on any DeFi exchange.

What type of tokens can you create for me?

Our standard tokens are BEP20 tokens, that we deploy on Binance Smartchain. On request we can also make BEP2, TRX or ETH tokens.

Do you offer ERC20 tokens on the Ethereum Blockchain?

We can build an ERC20 for your project. But actually the transaction fees on Ethereum are to high to be attractive for most projects. Feel free to contact us if you prefer an ERC20 token over BEP20.

Can I keep the trustfunds myself?

Yes, that is an option, but we don't manage the swapping of coins to tokens, and vice versa. But we can make a smart contract, deploy it, and give you the ownerships of the contract.

Are you interested to take your coin to the next level?

Join the official Wrapping Services Discord server and get in touch with us to get a quote.

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